Sunday 9 October 2016

Blueclosure Detect: get your license now!

London, 5 October 2016 - Minded Security is proud to announce that BlueClosure Detect is now available for purchase from the BlueClosure portal.

BC Detect has thereby combined the many years of experience gathered with DOMinatorPro together with an all new technology environment in order to focus on a new approach. BC Detect is the first product that makes use of our new proprietary taint analysis engine.

BC Detect represents a completely rewritten technology that extends the DOMinatorPro functionalities with the aims to have:

  • A more stable tool;
  • The fastest client side security analysis;
  • A real-time and reliable taint propagation flow;
  • A tool that can run on the latest browsers.

All of the DOMinatorPro customers will now have the chance to use the new product. New customers can now easily buy the new product via the buy page.

The following screenshot shows BC Detect in action: 

The Websites panel is where vulnerable URLs and page locations are reported; it enables users to navigate and filter through all the detected issues.
For any website for which security vulnerabilities have been identified, BC Detect inserts an entry in the URL list. All issues are categorised in three different risk levels:

  • Alerts
  • Warnings
  • Information

The following is a screenshot of the website panel:

The following pictures show the summary of the vulnerability panel: 


BC Detect represents the state of the art of Client Side Security. Smart Fuzzing for example is a powerful tool that enables testers to audit a broader set of code features and expanding code coverage. BC Detect engine collects input sources via dynamic and static code analysis. With smart fuzzing you can perform the parameter tampering of hidden input sources.

This technique enables Minded Security team to discover many bug bounties and hundreds of DOMXSS on prominent websites such as Alexa top 100.

Get your licence now!